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A boat is a relatively easy object to be broken into and/or stolen. Annualy the number of thefts of boats and outboard motors increase. This ofcourse is very frustrating especially if you have planned your holiday or weekend off, to find your expensive apparature and belongings to have been stolen. Next to the financial damage and the settlements with the insurance company, you need time to fix your boat again. All of this takes a lot of time and is not simply fixed.  Each year there are more than 1.200 crafts reported stolen, which effects your boat insurance directly. In orde to minimise the damage costs and maintain affordable insurance premiums, the insurance companies prioritise watersportsecurity. A college of Experts has developed a selected mark : The Selected Mark of Craftsecurity. The VbV looks after this selected mark.

The SCM and VbV (Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit=Insurane agency Craft criminality) is a common initiative of all Dutch Insurance companies to look at ways for avoiding  vehicle/craft, workingmaterial, and transport criminality. To be able to approve products in mechanical security for crafts, the VbV has used the demands which do apply at existing certification regulations. This regards the current homologation directive for mechanical security (MPO3) and the regulation for chains and locks for two wheelers by Art Foundation.



The Art Foundation has anti theft prevention by means of mechanical security as main goal. They iniate security systems by testing (done by third parties) new systems, certify approved products and promote certified mechanical systems. By this means you are assured that an ART approved lock, chain or cable protects your belongings. Above this, all ART certified locks, chains and cables are approved by the insurance companies, meaning you are assured of your claim being honored in the case of damage or theft.